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#263: Buck Meek, “Two Saviors”

It’s hard to talk about Buck Meek without referring to him as “Big Thief’s Buck Meek”. But his solo work – with a little help from some of our favorite handymen of indie music such as Mat Davidson (Twain) and Adam Brisbin – is its own thing, with Meek’s characteristic voice paving the way to beautifully arranged songs. Songs that we’re definitely going to use as an argument when, come November, you’ll say, as always, that “this wasn’t a very good year for music”.

Plus: new tracks by Hiss Golden MessengerValley MakerWild Pink, Painted Shrines, The Besnard LakesSun JunePearl CharlesJane WeaverJulien BakerSteady Holiday, Christina Galisatus, Alice Ray, Lael NealeMidnight SisterWorkman SongCool SoundsPlankton Wat, Chris Brokaw, Chris ForsythshameBeach BunnyMikaela DavisRenée ReedDaniel KnoxThe Antlers, and Barry Gibb.

Bolachas Now Playing, 02/2021 (#263):

Hiss Golden Messenger – Sanctuary
Buck Meek – Candle
Buck Meek – Two Moons
Valley Maker – No One Is Missing
Wild Pink – Oversharers Anonymous
Painted Shrines – Gone (feat. Woods)
The Besnard Lakes – Feuds With Guns
Sun June – Everything I Had
Pearl Charles – Slipping Away
Jane Weaver – Heartlow
Julien Baker – Hardline
Steady Holiday – Love Me When I Go To Sleep
Christina Galisatus – Who (feat. Michael Blasky)
Alice Ray – Lost In The Dark
Lael Neale – Blue Vein
Midnight Sister – Foxes
Workman Song – Butterfly
Cool Sounds – Crimson Mask
Plankton Wat – Nightfall
Chris Brokaw – I Can’t Sleep
Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band – When You Smile
shame – Snow Day
Beach Bunny – Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)
Mikaela Davis – Some Song (feat. Mary Lou Lord)
Renée Reed – Fast One
Daniel Knox – No Horizon
The Antlers – Solstice
Barry Gibb – Run To Me (feat. Brandi Carlile)