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Bolachas Now Playing #8

Here we are with yet another playlist, this time with tracks from upcoming albums from Speedy Ortiz, Courtney Barnett, Calexico, Tobias Jesso Jr., Kanye West, Patrick Watson, Matthew E. White, Clark and songs from recent records from Diamond Rugs, William Ryan Fritch (yes, again – what a great record!), Ghostpoet, Samuel Kerridge, Paul Johnson and The Body & Thou. There’s just so much great music coming out these days that we had a shortlist of 20+ tracks for this week only… And that’s without counting songs that aren’t on Spotify yet!

Bolachas Now Playing, 08/2015

Diamond Rugs – Voodoo Doll
Speedy Ortiz – The Graduates
Courtney Barnett – Depreston
Calexico – Falling from the Sky
Tobias Jesso Jr. – Without You
Patrick Watson – Love Songs For Robots
William Ryan Fritch – Unholy Frames (feat. Origamibiro)
Matthew E. White – Tranquility
Ghostpoet – Sorry My Love, It’s You Not Me
Kanye West – All Day
Samuel Kerridge – GOFD
Clark – Silver Sun
Paul Johnson – Give Me Ecstasy
The Body & Thou – Lurking Fear

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