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#196: Ada Lea, “what we say in private”

‘what we say in private’ is the debut album by Canadian singer-songwriter/painter/visual artist Alexandra Levy, or Ada Lea. It’s been out for less than a handful of days but it’s already one of our indie rock albums of the year. Is it because its opening song sounds like a lost track off Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’s recording sessions that eventually morphs into a more layered Big Thief song, while never sounding like a tribute to either bands? Or maybe it’s because of the stellar songwriting in it. We don’t know. Let’s just listen.

Plus: new tracks by Wilco (the new kind of Wilco, not the old YHF one), Andrew Combs, Strange Ranger, Long Beard, Aviva le Fey, Shannon Lay, Joan Shelley, Holy Golden (now known as Dolly Valentine), Summer Salt, Grace Lightman, Bleached, Roselit Bone, Trash Kit, Fly Pan Am, Adam Green, Tony Molina, Leon Bridges, Whitney, RF Shannon, Hiss Golden Messenger, Joe Pug, Jim Lauderdale, and Twain + The Deslondes.

Bolachas Now Playing, 26/2019 (#196):

Wilco – Love Is Everywhere (Beware)
Andrew Combs – Save Somebody Else
Ada Lea – the party
Ada Lea – mercury
Strange Ranger – Message to You
Long Beard – Sweetheart
Aviva Le Fey – Never Going Back
Shannon Lay – Death Up Close
Joan Shelley – Cycle
Dolly Valentine & Field Medic – Michigan, 1997
Summer Salt – Full Catastrophe
Grace Lightman – Repair Repair
Bleached – Heartbeat Away
Roselit Bone – Laughlin, Nv
Trash Kit – Horizon
Fly Pan Am – Distance Dealer
Adam Green – Cheating On A Stranger
Tony Molina – Not the Way to Be
Leon Bridges – That Was Yesterday
Whitney – Valleys (My Love)
RF Shannon – Don’t Be Shy
Hiss Golden Messenger – Cat’s Eye Blue
Joe Pug – The Flood in Color
Jim Lauderdale – Like People From Another World
Twain & The Deslondes – Run Wild

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