what an amazing cover of Jason Molina’s ‘Red Comet Dust’ by CFCF. RIP JMo. I wanted to write a big post about it but I can’t.


I’ve been a fan of Jason’s music since 9th grade. Quite honestly, I became obsessed with his music. I tracked down every b-side, home recording, live bootleg I could find. It always acted as a comfort through bad times and good. Even in 2006 after the trauma of a shooting at my college, I made it out to one of his shows that very day knowing I would find some solace in his songs.

I sampled Jason Molina’s original version of this song on my song “Cometrue”. Jason gave his permission for the sample, but over the past few months I still felt like I wasn’t really representing him well enough through it. I wanted to properly pay homage to this song I loved so much and so I started working on a version I could play in live shows.

I had already recorded it in February this year and I was planning to use it on a release somewhere in the future, but this morning I learned that Jason had passed away. It’s pretty devastating news for all of us who loved his music. So as some small tribute, I’m putting the song up here for free download. 

I’d like to strongly encourage everyone downloading this to consider offering support to Jason’s wife Ashley through this tough time via Paypal.

An uncompressed version of the song can be downloaded free at Bandcamp.

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