Bolachas Sessions #2: Zachary Cale + The Black Swans > 23/11/12

The second show of the concert series we’re presenting in partnership with Mercado Negro (Aveiro, PT’s finest venue) takes place next Friday. This time around we bring you Zachary Cale and The Black Swans, two of the best American songwriters the 00s have brought us. Here’s what other people said about their latest records…

“With apologies to Robin Pecknold [Fleet Foxes], Justin Vernon [Bon Iver], Kristian Matsson [The Tallest Man on Earth], and the other great folk singers we’ve been heaping praise on the past few years, there’s something everyone needs to know. Zachary Cale is the best singer-songwriter working right now. Period.” – POPMATTERS (9/10)

“For all its grave intimations, Occasion For Song exhibits a true joy in creating and playing music, in finding the right notes and the right words. It’s a complex, even contradictory record, not just the Black Swans’ best but one of the most incisive and moving mediations on life and the loss of it in recent memory.” – PITCHFORK (7.6/10)

Tickets cost the ridiculous amount of €4 and the first concert takes place at 10:30pm. There’s no opening or closing act here as both bands are the headliners on this tour, and we’ll only know who gets to play first on the day of the concert. Be sure to be there early! You can make your reservation by emailing There’s only 85 tickets available. Listen to Zachary Cale’s latest record, Noise of Welcome and the Black Swans’ seminal debut album Who Will Walk in the Darkness with You? below.


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