Vodafone Paredes de Coura 2015 – the review


Someone playing in front of a lot of people in the most perfect scenery you can get in a music festival. Photo by Hugo Lima [Vodafone Paredes de Coura]

Writing a review about Vodafone Paredes de Coura is always one of the most painful things I can do as a music writer. First, if I am to judge the musical performances – and, of course, some of those were pretty forgettable, others not even worth mentioning, as there are always some rotten strawberries even in the nicest basket – I can never do justice to how good the festival is as a whole. Second, if I’m to write a review, it means this years’ edition of the festival – and the best week of the whole year for most people who attend it – is over, and there are 51 boring weeks left until we return.

Bolachas Now Playing live

#30 & #31: Vodafone Paredes de Coura 2015

This week, in our playlist, we preview the Vodafone Paredes de Coura 2015 festival with 24 songs by some of our favorite artists playing at this years’ festival: Father John Misty, The War On DrugsSteve Gunn, Mark Lanegan, White Fence, IceageSlowdive, Waxahatchee, Lykke Li, Natalie Prass, Woods, and Charles Bradley.

Bolachas Now Playing

Bolachas Now Playing #13

Bolachas Now Playing, 13/2015:

Waxahatchee – La Loose
The Mountain Goats – Hair Match
The Weather Station – Shy Women
Adia Victoria – Howlin’ Shame
Kenny Knight – Whiskey
Dawes – Things Happen
Ashley Monroe – On To Something Good
Gianna Lauren – Mistakes
Carly Rae Jepsen – All That
Jam City – Crisis
Estelle – Gotcha Love
Action Bronson – A Light in the Addict
Joanna Gruesome – Honestly Do Yr Worse
Metz – Acetate


Bolachas Now Playing

#2: Dawn Richard, “Blackheart”

We got a bit deeper than the usual on our second installment of our weekly Spotify playlists. Panda Bear and Justin Townes Earle make it to the list again with two new songs, but it’s Dawn Richard who steals the show with two songs off her new record, Blackheart. Brand new songs from singer-songwriters whose new albums were just announced (Waxahatchee and Matthew E. White) also make the list; and please don’t miss on the magnificent treatment country singer Lee Ann Womack gave to ol’ Uncle Neil’s classic Out On The Weekend. And please give the new Siskiyou a spin – their new album Nervous just came out on the superb Constellation (GY!BE, Silver Mt Zion, Matana Roberts, Vic Chesnutt, etc etc etc – you didn’t even need me to point that out to you) and it’s both amazing and available on Spotify.


Día de la Música 2013 review

First of all, my apologies to those who were more anxious regarding our review on Día de la Música, the event that took place at Matadero Madrid, outdoors, past June 21st and 22nd. It has been a rather busy month. Srsly. And secondly… well I have to admit that there isn’t much to say about it. It wasn’t bad, I had a good time (as in it was fun), although good company always helps in that field (:3). But, with no further delay, here are the highlights of this light and low-cost (this you’ve gotta hand ‘em) urban festival – VERANIEGO!

In the first day there was plenty of people. It was so cheap, and Spaniards have such a huge love for music made-in-Spain. Even when it’s not that good, like awful Lori Meyers (I only heard ‘em slightly, but everybody seemed to enjoy it; even on the queue to take a piss there was this guy who approached a friend of mine and I to be outraged acknowledging our dislike for that act), or when it’s better, like Hola a Todo el Mundo. And then there was one of the most acclaimed indie acts of 2013, Autre Ne Veut, which I wasn’t able to watch as I was having a delicious stake in Madrid on some sort of celebration (not gonna get into details, soz). Oh, and The Horrors was, in a scaring way, quite bad, adding ugly illumination and stuff like that. Had to left before the end, not without ordering an expensive gin and tonic – told you, it was a celebration! Meh…

Fortunately, there was yet to happen a second day saved by, and I’m starting by the very end, Disclosure. I thought I disliked them, by hearing their LP a couple of times, plus that catchy single (RIGHT? AND IT STARTS TO SPREAD?), but c’mon, what a fucking party, gals and guys, geee! 9.0/10, to say the least. Oh, and Darkstar with some beer before those tapas and always very pleasant conversations was cool and gave me a good profile pic for me [sic] fcbk page. Finally, this review wouldn’t be “complete” – will never be without the quotation marks, as I lacked the interest to watch the other unknown or dislikeable names in the line-up – without the amazing performance of Waxahatchee: she was (is) cute, her band played nicely, her songs are sweet, the “““crowd””” (lol, three people) was the best, and then that beautiful cover of “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”…

Sure, I missed Spiritualized, but for that price, it’s pointless to regret going, or to complain about it too much. It was what it was: okay. Let’s wait and see what these guys will do next year. They had already had great acts. I can only wish them luck!