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#296: Daniel Romano, “Cobra Poems”

What a surprise. There’s a new Daniel Romano album and it’s featured here. “Cobra Poems” is another stellar collection of some of the best songwriting in today’s rock music, and it doesn’t seem like Romano’s Outfit will stop steamrolling any soon.

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#256: Heather Trost, “Petrichor”

You might know Heather Trost as one half of A Hawk and a Hacksaw (with Neutral Milk Hotel’s Jeremy Barnes) and as a collaborator in various other projects, from Beirut to Swans. “Petrichor” is her third solo LP, and unlike her mostly acoustic endeavours as a violinist, it’s a psychedelic pop treasure that won’t take long to start looping in your head (and in your favourite music player).

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#112: Kacy & Clayton, “The Siren’s Song”

Bolachas Now Playing, 27/2017 (#112):

Son Little – Demon to the Dark

Hand Habits – yr heart

Destroyer – Sky’s Grey

Randall Bramblett – Mali Katra

Protomartyr – My Children

Jacob Faurholt – A Lake of Distortion

Gill Landry – Berlin

Lilly Hiatt – Everything I Had

Kacy & Clayton – The Light of Day

Kacy & Clayton – This World Has Seven Wonders

Lucinda Williams – Six Blocks Away

Courtney Marie Andrews – Near You

Julien Baker – Appointments

Jen Cloher – Waiting in the Wings

The Dodos – Mirror Fake

The National – Carin at the Liquor Store

Josh Ritter – Thunderbolt’s Goodnight

Richard Thompson – Bathsheba Smiles

Noah Gundersen – Bad Desire


[mp3] Noah Gundersen, “David”

Seattleite singer-songwriter Noah Gundersen will be releasing his Family EP on August 5th. Sam Beam would probably approve this. I did. Listen and download “David” below; more info about the record on the Bandcamp link.

Noah Gundersen, “David”

pre-order on Bandcamp