Bolachas Now Playing

#344: The Mars Volta, “The Mars Volta”

Bolachas Now Playing, 34/2022 (#344):

Built To Spill – Elements
The Mars Volta – The Requisition
The Mars Volta – No Case Gain
Kamikaze Palm Tree – Predicament
The Beths – I Want To Listen
The Mauskovic Dance Band – Bukaroo Bank
Gala Drop – Monte Do Ouro
The Comet Is Coming – TECHNICOLOUR
Wu-Lu – Broken Homes
JayWood – Is It True? (Dreams Pt. 3)
Calexico – Rambler
Beato – Com Justa Causa
Rhett Miller – Go Through You
Franz Nicolay – New River, Spring For Me
Twain – Walking II
Emily West – I’ll Be a Rose Again (feat. Whiskey Wolves of the West)
Marina Allen – Foul Weather Jacket Drawing
Emily Scott Robinson – Built on Bones (feat. Alisa Amador and Violet Bell)
Jesca Hoop – Firestorm
The Coral Sea – Raincoat
Will Sheff – In The Thick of It